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Famous Durian Direct From Farm (农家直销)!!
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  Durian Season
  Our Products:
    Musang King, D24, Red Prawn, D88, D2, D101, Hor Lor...etc

Also Available: Mangosteen, Rambutan, Duku Langsat
  Other Services:
   Real Estate Negotiator. HOT NEWS - Few Rubber Estates and Durian Farms for SELL, Blue chips investment!! High return! Contact us for more details.
  Durian Season:
   1st Season: ~June - ~August
2nd Season: ~November - ~January

    Durian - King of Fruits! Fresh direct from farm.

Welcome to Durian King web site! We would like to introuduce our durian to everyone in the world. Our durian are distributed to many places within Malaysia, Klang Valley and also Singapore (coming soon).

All our durian are freshly collected from farm and delivery twice a week to klang valley area, we provide delicious and fresh durian with good quality.

    Durian's price vary from time to time depend on the market supply and demand. You may subcribe to us so that we could give you the best quote weekly during durian season. Rest assure that we will provide good service and you will definitely get good quality durian with best price!!

    As concern, durian Malaysia are famous with its special aroma, try it, feel it and you will get the answer. Subscribe to us, we will share with you how to determine good quality of durian.

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